Ecógrafos Samsung


Excelentes soluciones para el diagnóstico fetal

El 3D XI ™ (Multi-Slice View ™, Oblique View ™ y Volume CT ™) ofrece un control preciso sobre la manipulación de datos de volumen 3D / 4D para mejorar la precisión del diagnóstico.

Excelentes soluciones para el diagnóstico fetal


3D XI ™ (Multi-Slice View ™, Oblique View ™ and Volume CT ™) provides precise control over manipulation of 3D / 4D volume date to improve diagnostic accuracy.


XI STIC provides 3D rendered view of the fetal heart. It allows you to quickly check the fetal heartbeat with realistic images.

Volume NT & IT

User-friendly Volume NT & IT™ allows improved mid-sagittal views and easier measurements. Stored volume data makes reviews and reassessments simpler.

e-Motion Marker  

e-Motion Marker™ displays the direction of the transducer's beam plane on the screenand provides reference information to assist in diagnosis.

Speedy exam for time saving


TImportant imaging parameters can be optimized with a touch of a button, enhancing workflow efficiency. In 2D imaging,QuickScan™ quickly optimizes contrast and brightness levels by adjusting the gain and TGC controls.

Advanced image quality


The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performances.


S-Flow™ helps to detect peripheral blood vessels through an advanced color flow imaging with superior sensitivity. The H60's S-Flow™ facilitates scanning even in technically difficult diagnostic situations leading to increased accuracy and resulting in an improved service for your patients.

Hybrid beamforming engine

With this advanced technology, data is processed more quickly and accurately through optimized processing,thereby enabling more in-depth, detailed scanning with a higher energy output.

Imaging becomes Even Betterwith S-Vue transducer

The S-Vue transducers provide broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity over conventional Samsung transducers.  They enable higher resolution at depth thereby providing improved image quality even with technically challenging patients.

Practical utilities

Customizable Touch Menu

The multi-touch screen allows users of the H60 to position and edit the parameters and measurement menus for a more flexible solution in a clinical environment.  

Customizable Keys

The H60 features 6 user-programmable keys to increase usability and enhance your organization's workflow. These are customizable to offer short cuts, saving time when choosing functions.

Ergonomic Design

The superior features of the H60 are efficiently integrated into a sleek and compact space-savingdesign. The encased printer and movable base allow easy use in multiple locations.Enjoy the H60's high qualities in a user-friendly design.

21.5-inch wide LED monitor

The H60 integration of the 21.5-inch LED ultrasound monitor provides high quality images with wide viewing angles and an additional value of low power consumption.


The high-quality wheels of the unit allow free movement and mobility.

Lift control panel

This allows articulate movement and improves user comfort.

Slim & lightweight

The slim and compact design allows the H60 to fit in a patient’s bed for convenience.

S-Vue is not the name of a function, but is the name of Samsung’s advanced transducer technology.


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